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COMSATS University Islamabad

COMSATS University Islamabad


About CUI

COMSATS University Islamabad COMSATS Islamabad and COMSATS Lahore, established in 2002, are the two main campuses of COMSATS University. According to the HEC rankings, CUI is the top-ranked private institution and offers instruction in 37-degree programs. The primary goal of the COMSATS Islamabad campus in Lahore is to develop into an elite research institution and achieve excellence in science and information technology. Read more.


Research and Development

Encourage inquiry, undertake top-notch research, and advance scholarship to create and preserve knowledge, understanding, and creativity that will benefit students, academics, and communities nationwide, as well as the Muslim Ummah and the rest of the world. Read

International Reference

CUI is actively engaged in sharing information and experience from around the world

with the intention of introducing the most recent research advancements and top instructional methods within the present educational environment.

Additional information about CUI’s international partnerships with nations on several continents (Asia, Europe, Africa/Middle East, and the Americas) Read

CUI: Why

The COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) was founded in 1998. With more than 36,000 students and 100-degree programs available. The university is one of Pakistan’s top institutions of higher learning. It has five (05) main faculties, including engineering. Information science and technology, business administration. And also architecture and design. The CUI is renowned for its innovative teaching approach. Which also promotes interdisciplinary learning, problem-solving techniques, experimentation, and insight. It is one of the top three universities in Pakistan. And one of the top 800 worldwide

universities. Additionally, CUI has created a cutting-edge business incubator center to encourage entrepreneurship, provide respectable employment prospects for our educated and skilled labor force, and foster the growth of indigenous businesses. Read


Master’s Programs

Educational Programs

For the academic year 2021–2022, the following graduate programs are currently available:

Computer Science Department

  1. Computer science master’s degree

2. Information Security Master’s

3. A Master’s in Software Engineering

4. computer science doctorate

Health Informatics Division

1. A Master’s in Health Informatics

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

1. A Master’s in Computer Engineering

2. A Master’s in Electrical Engineering

3. computer engineering doctorate

4. Electrical engineering doctorate

Chemical engineering department

1. M.S. in Chemical Engineering,

2. Masters in Energy& Environmental engineering

3. Chemical engineering PhD

The engineering department of the civil

1. Environmental engineering master’s degree

2. Master’s in civil engineering

Mechanical engineering department

  1. MS in Mechanical Engineering

Science Department Management

1. A Master of Science in Management

2. A Master’s in Project Management

3. MBA

4. A doctorate in management science

Department of Economics

  1. MS in Economics

Development studies department

  1. MS in development studies

2. Master’s in studies of conflict, peace, and development

3. MS in development, sanitation, and health

4. Doctoral studies in development

Department of Humanities

1. International Relations Master’s

2. Master’s degree in English

Environmental Science Department

  1. MS in Biotechnology

2. Environmental science master’s

3. Biotechnology PhD

4. Environmental science PhD

Department of Mathematics

1. MS in Mathematics

2. Mathematical PhD

Laboratory of Chemistry

  1. MS in Chemistry

2. Chemistry PhD

Pharmacy Department

  1. MS in Pharmacy

2. Pharmacy PhD

Division of Physics

  1. MS in Physics

2. Physics PhD

Department of Statistics

  1. MS in Statistics

2. Statistics PhD

The last date to apply online for 2022 

Students are submitting their applications for CUI admissions 2022 for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields. All applicants will be required to take an entry test at a certain time, and the university will base its calculation of merit on the results of the entry test. Therefore, apply in your pertinent subject first, and the university will contact you about it afterward. Read more…

Date of the 2022 COMSATS Ph. D. Entry Test

If you are considering enrolling in an institution with Golabl academic and research connections, internationally indexed research, and publicly reviewed papers. The best option for you is COMSATS Institute of Information technology if you also want to read international journals. Read more…


Most gifted kids prefer to apply to Comsats University for admission due to its top-ranked universities. But since rural areas make up 70% of the population in our nation, many students are concerned about how to get accepted into the institution. This is the reason we have compiled all of the information and instructions into a single post.

You can register by going to admissions.comsats.edu.pk.

  • After successfully signing up, log into your account and correctly complete the application form.
  • Please be careful when entering your academic and personal details in the various sections.
  • Print your challan form, pay the admission processing fee at any HBL Branch, and upload it after that scanned copy of a paid challan on the admissions portal.
  • Send in your online application. Your admission account will be issued with your test slip after a few days. Read more…



  • For MA/MSC, a bachelor’s degree in 14 years with a minimum of 50% will be required, as well as the comsats test.
  • Candidates must have completed at least 16 years of schooling, have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5, and score at least 50 on the GAT General Test to be admitted to the MS program.
  • For a Ph.D., candidates must have a 3.0 GPA and a minimum GRE score of 60. Read more…

COMSAT Islamabad admission 2022 deadlines for online applications


Semester                                                            Last Date
Fall 2022                                                       Last date for COMSATS Islamabad

Admission is July 20, 2022.


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