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Learn in Manchester

However, The University of Manchester, Studies for a degree from The University of Manchester. And also the advantage of a passport to a successful life and profession. However, our groundbreaking taught courses rely on our internationally renowned research. And also our solid ties to the global business community. So, you’ll quickly acquire the skills and information. And also experience that will get the attention of employers.

However, only Manchester University in the UK has social responsibility as one of its primary objectives. Such as, this demonstrates to you that we are serious about our commitment to social responsibility. And also by taking part in Stellify, a trip through Manchester’s. However, most transformative academic and extracurricular activities help.  So, You can stand out and make a difference. And you can also become the best version of yourself. Also, you can change the world. Read

International student 

However,  a degree from The University of Manchester is a ticket to a prosperous life. And also a career for our international students. So, we are renowned throughout the world for the caliber of our instruction. Which is shaped by studies of the highest caliber. Read more…

Why  Manchester?

So, During your time with us. We also urge you to participate in Stellify. Moreover, a trip through Manchester’s most transformative experiences. Which will provide you the opportunity to grow personally and also, professionally.

So, we’ll provide you with an experience that will set you up for success for the rest of your life. Read

Center for Student Services

So, the University’s Student Services Center (SSC) serves.  Such as a hub for information for all students. And can also offer guidance specifically for overseas students.

The SSC offers a variety of services, such as those connected to:





Financing sources

Fees payment


Likewise, we are always delighted to assist you. And also if you need assistance with any practical aspects of university life.

So, no matter where you are in the selection process. And we can also assist you in finding the best master’s program. Likewise, using our course finder. You can also browse our postgraduate taught courses, or you can look through all of our subject areas. Read

Masters degrees


Financial and also, Accounting

Artificial Intelligence (ACS)

Computer Security: ACS

Knowledge and also, Data Management in ACS

Digital Biology, ACS

Statistical Science

Senior Nursing

Advanced Studies in Audiology

Also,Advanced Studies in Audiology (Paediatric Pathway)

Contemporary Chemical Engineering

Clinical Optometry using Advanced Techniques

Knowledgeable Computer Science Advanced

Engineering for advanced control and systems

Extended research in advanced control and systems engineering

Engineering for Advanced Electrical Power Systems

Contemporary Engineering Materials

Leadership Advancement for Professional Practice (Allied Health Profession)

Leadership Advancement for Professional Practice (Nursing)

Master of Science in advanced manufacturing technology & systems management

Chemistry of Analysis and also, Measurement

Information Technology and Systems Biology

Biological Technology and also, Business

Strategic Management and also, Business Analysis

Operational research and also,risk analysis in business analytics

Enterprise Psychology

Physics and also, Biology of Radiotherapy for Cancer

Research on cancer and molecular medicine

Cardiovascular Disease and Health (Research)

Biology of Cells


Bioinformatics in medicine

dental practice (Paediatric Dentistry)

CPD for clinical immunology

Science of Data (Applied Urban Analytics)

Science of Data (Business and Management)

Computer science of Data (Computer science data informatics)

Science of Data (Environmental Analytics)

The Science of Data (Mathematics)

Science of Data (Social Analytics)

Educating the Deaf

Dental General health

Public Dental Health

Evolutionary Biology

Economics of Development and Policy

Growth Financing

Education, communication, and also, digital technologies


Educational Management

Engineering of Electrical Power Systems. Read

Most popular fields


Studies in business

Technology research

Management Research

Economic Research


Engineering Research

Humanities research

Visual Arts

Behavioral Sciences

Design Research. Read


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