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University of Engineering and Technology 

University of Engineering and Technology 

 Introduction of UET

University of Engineering and Technology, The most well-liked institution in Pakistan for engineering is the University of Engineering and Technology. Many students hope to attend this university one day. This institution is one of the top 300 institutions of higher learning in the world for engineering. This university offers education in around 70 undergraduate and graduates degrees. Because they can compete with the standards of institutions around the world. they are also extremely capable students. This demonstrates the university’s abilities. Read more…


Admission for undergraduate and postgraduate students is open at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore. All eager eyes now have a fresh opportunity to hone their abilities as the world of For them, doors have opened. Admissions are open, so participants can enhance their knowledge by engaging in various activities. Downloadable UET Admission Forms and Instructions for 2022 UET MA Degree Applications.

When you are working abroad. The students of this outstanding university are well regarded. Their skills are well valued. They serve humanity selflessly and are a credit to their nation. Their students develop into caring people who are not just responding in this world but also have a lot of compassion. They are morally upright people. Read more…


The requirements or procedures are followed in order to apply for admission. You must be followed by students. Who wish to enroll at this university. Likewise, the steps listed below must be taken. And they also must, first and foremost, qualify for admittance. If you meet the requirements for this program. you also must go to the admissions portal on the UET website.

Fill out the form accurately with the data needed for the document. The candidate then prints the application. Which he must subsequently attach to the paperwork. However, the applicant then prints the entrance form. To which he must attach the necessary admissions documents. Then send the paperwork through messenger to the UET office in your location. Likewise, we offer the most recent details on every university. We’re offering fresh admissions information on this page. So, if you’re looking for the best professors, stop by our page and take in the fresh information. Read more…

UET  Masters Program’s 

This university provides a variety of programs on both mornings. And also evening schedules. This year, there are numerous programs. The list of programs for this year is below.

• So, the Electrical engineering department

• Faculty of Mechanical engineering

• Department of Civil engineering

• Chemical engineering department

• Earth science and engineering faculties

• Planning & architectural institutions

• Natural science, humanities, and Islamic studies faculties. Read more…


General criteria for eligibility

The following prerequisites must be met by applicants for admission to any of the University’sMaster’s Degree programs:

  •  He should have received at least 60% in the F.Sc., ICS, DAE, B.Sc., and B.Tech(Pass) Examination. So, eliminating the scores for sports and Hafiz-e-Quran.
  • He seemed to have taken the entrance exam. That is the scheduled university for the specific academic session in which he wishes to enroll.
  • So, according to clause 2 of the merit determination standards. However, he should have at least 60 percent adjusted admission marks.
  • Likewise, He must legitimately reside in the area from which he is applying for admission.
  • So, he must adhere to the physical and vision requirements listed in the medical certificate Form II. Read more…

Scholarship Programs 

The Scholarship Programs are available at the University of Engineering & Technology in Lahore Pakistan

Please see the details. Read more…

Last Date

The 7th of August 2022 is the last day to submit an application for admission.

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