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Samsung launched a Foldable Phone


Samsung launched a Foldable Phone, Every new generation of Samsung’s foldable phones has become more affordable. Especially the Galaxy Z Flip line. Due to enhanced technology and a lower price. The clamshell foldable accounted for more than half of the company’s sales of foldable phones. Read more…

Korean media

According to a recent report from Korean media. Samsung is preparing to produce even more affordable foldable phones in the future for the general public. However, Samsung is currently working on the Galaxy A Fold.  Galaxy A Flip phones are anticipated to be far less expensive than their Z counterparts. Read


phone industry

Currently, Samsung controls around 80% of the foldable phone industry. But as more competitors enter the fight. Samsung is expected to face fierce competition. Apparently, Apple is developing a foldable device. That will launch in the upcoming years. Launching a foldable Galaxy A series should therefore help Samsung maintain its market dominance.

However, because it will be a member of the Galaxy A series. Samsung probably will use less expensive hardware to keep the cost low. According to reports, Samsung intends to release this forthcoming foldable in 2024.


According to a well-known tipster’s tweet. And also Samsung plans to release a foldable Galaxy A-series phone soon. So, the device will be reasonably priced. However, just the launch date has been disclosed by the tipper; the specifications and other crucial information are still a surprise. Read

Affordable price

Smartphones from Samsung’s Galaxy. A series lineup ranges in price from Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000 in India. So the Galaxy Fold range costs more than Rs 1 lakh. Samsung would have to cut down several features from the Galaxy Z Fold series. If it wants to release a foldable smartphone at an affordable price. If that happens, users will receive a foldable phone with the bare minimum of features.

However, the device will lose out on a lot if the company reduces the price. And introduces an affordable foldable handset. We should wait for additional announcements. since Samsung hasn’t yet provided any information on this advancement. Read



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