Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Punjab announces Jobs in education Department

Punjab announces Jobs in education Department


Punjab announces Jobs in education Department. The Punjab authorities have decided to rent hundreds of educators in all public area schools operated by way of the School Education Department (SED).


The selection has been taken to cope with the dire shortage of educators in the province. The pass is likewise part of the provincial government’s efforts to tackle unemployment.

However,Taking to Twitter, Punjab Education Minister, Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan. Also stated that the provincial authorities will recruit more than sixteen, 000 educators in all faculties.

The Minister added that during the previous tenure of the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) from 2013 to 2018, SED Punjab had recruited greater than 230,000 educators on advantage.

Last month, the Punjab Teachers Union (PTU). Asked the newly elected Punjab government to growth the salaries of the coaching. And  also non-teaching workforce at all public sector colleges and schools through 50%. Read more…

Crippling inflation


PTU’s Central President, Chaudhry Sarfraz, had said that the coaching and non-teaching team of workers is the backbone of the training system. But also they’re suffering because of low salaries amid crippling inflation.

“After four years and soon after coming into authorities. We are recruiting 16000 educators, and also this wide variety will hold growing every year,” he claimed. In addition, he stated that during our previous management (2013–2018). They employed 230,000 (two million thirty thousand) teachers. Punjab School Education Department PED will be advertising 16000 new coaching positions in the 12 months 2022. Read more…

 Positive step of Administration

Two lac thirty thousand teachers were hired. In numerous levels at some point of the Province earlier inside the PML (N) 2013-2018 administration. However, a number of the batches are still temporary brief and are patiently awaiting permanent reputation. Even under the previous PTI management, the educators protested in Islamabad. Later, on Raja Basharat’s assure as the former Punjab Law Minister. They resigned from the protest. In an effort to regularise the great batches, Raja Basharat surpassed the precis to the workplace of the former leader minister. And also spoke with that professional. However, the hassle has now not yet been resolved.

Both the regularization of the settlement educators from the previous term and the hiring of new educators would be positive steps for the present administration in lowering the unemployment fee. Read more…




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