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PTA finally to promotional SMS Spam


PTA finally  to promotional SMS Spam. Following the rise of WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, SMS is hardly ever used for texting anymore. Everyone these days have get right of entry to cellular net and it makes little feel to subscribe to an SMS bundle.


Nevertheless, we nonetheless get an endless amount of SMS spam on our phones from telemarketers. Telcos, ISPs, random pest manipulate corporations. And also the listing is going on. No one is partial to undesirable texts and also having to block each single one in all them may be time-ingesting.

Thankfully, however, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has sooner or later brought us right information. Read more…



Thanks to newly introduced guidelines from PTA. Telemarketers will handiest be able to ship promotional SMS texts to folks who opt for it. All promotional messages will even have an option to unsubscribe from SMS commercials. PTA additionally clarifies that sending SMS without consent is a violation of its regulations. And therefore its miles a reportable offense. Read more…

Mobile phone consumers

Here is an example of what promotional messages will appear to be any longer.

As you could see, the promotional message from Nayatel has an option to unsubscribe from the service. You can in reality ship an SMS with “Reg” to 3627 to forestall receiving commercials.

You can also document telemarketers that hold to spam you with texts without consent.

Through a public be aware in newspapers. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has warned entrepreneurs to desist sending unconsented .And also undesirable, fraudulent, deceptive, unsolicited mail and/or illegal SMS messages or calls to mobile phone consumers.


PTA said that those who will now not stop doing so may face. Legal consequences in step with the law.

In the equal note, PTA has requested purchasers to file one of these spam message/calls to PTA. Read more…


How to document junk mail/undesirable SMS/calls


If you get hold of any spam message or name which you did now not enroll in. Or any name/SMS that you do now not wish to get hold of once more. And also  SMS the subsequent details to ‘9000’:




  • Sender’s cell number
  • Your cell number
  • Any details that you can need to add. Read more…


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