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  News for today, The software developer who claimed that Google’s AI chatbot is sentient has been fired.

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News for today, Google announced on Friday that it had fired. A senior software engineer had asserted that LaMDA. The company’s AI chatbot had a sense of self.
Blake Lemoine, a software engineer, was put on leave by Google last month after it said he had broken company rules. And that his claims on LaMDA were “wholly false.” Read more…

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A Google representative wrote in an email to Reuters. It’s sad that Blake nevertheless chose to continuously breach explicit employment. And data security policies that include the need to secure product knowledge. Despite our extensive engagement on this matter.

Last year, Google said that its research demonstrating transformer-based language models served as the foundation for LaMDA, its Language Model for Dialogue Applications. Big Technology, a newsletter covering technology and society, broke the news of Lemoine’s firing first. Read more…

Who or what is conscious?

We must determine what they are in order to recognise sensibility, consciousness, or even intelligence. These issues have been up for discussion for millennia.

So, Understanding the connection between physical facts. And also our mental representations of those phenomena is a fundamental challenge. This is the “hard problem” of consciousness, in the words of Australian philosopher David Chalmers.

On whether or how consciousness can develop from physical systems, there is disagreement.
Physicalism is a prevalent viewpoint that holds that consciousness is solely a physical phenomenon. If so, there is no reason why a computer with the appropriate programming couldn’t have a mind similar to a human. Read more…


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