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Courses online

Courses online


Free online courses for computer networking

courses online, Learn everything there is to know about this vast subject. With the help of these free online courses in computer networking. A collection of linked computers that can communicate with one another is referred to as a computer network. These courses cover a wide range of topics. Including the background of computer networks, their uses, how to build them up, and more. These courses can help you if you’re interested.


However, Every sector of the economy. And also the government uses networks, and businesses spend a lot of money. So, hiring the finest and brightest network administrators. And also to keep everything operating as it should. These experts, who are also known as network engineers or architects, are the wizards behind the curtain. And is in high-demand courses online. 

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Open Source Networking Technologies 

courses online To adopt SDN, NFV, disaggregation, orchestration, and network automation. And also contemporary networking. Likewise, Learn about open networking use cases and technical options.

Moreover, Our selection of the best free online networking courses can be useful. If you’re also eager to learn more about networking. Read more…

Highlighted Programs

Although there are many networking classes available, we have distilled the possibilities down to 10 excellent free ones. So,  the process we established to choose only the most beneficial. And also informative free online courses were used to select these courses.

Methods We Use to Rate Free Online Courses

The quality of free online courses might vary greatly. Some courses are helpful, but their primary purpose is to hold the student’s attention long enough to sell them a product.

Cisco CCNA 

courses online Charles Sturt University provides a condensed course that lasts five weeks. It provides as the best certification path for students hoping to become network administrators. It explains fundamental networking, IP addressing, routing, IP services and security, and troubleshooting in a detailed and thorough manner.

The free online course goes over every section of the Cisco CCNA blueprint, covering the fundamental theories & technologies you need to understand to pass the CCNA exam.

Price: Free

Time Required: Five Weeks

Juniper Open Learning 2.

However, one of the biggest manufacturers of networking gear worldwide is Juniper. So, Given the increasing demand for people. With knowledge of Juniper networks technology. And also the Juno OS makes it natural that the company would provide free.
Just for joining up, which may be done by providing an email address and creating a username and password. you can also access the courses in Juniper Open Learning for free. There are no time limits when you register. So you can work through the modules in your own leisure courses online.


Time Required: Varies. Read more…

Networking Academy Cisco

courses online The Cisco Networking Academy (commonly known as “NetAcad”) provides a number of free introductory networking courses. Likewise, Every year, Cisco trains around one million students. And also they offer virtual and in-person training all throughout the world.

So, Naturally, this training is online. And is also intended to educate students on some of the fundamental ideas of networking.
The courses are as follows:

  • 15 hours Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • 20 hours: Introduction to the Internet of Things
    A 70-hour entrepreneur
  • 70 hours of Python Programming Fundamentals.
  • 70 hours for Linux Fundamentals

No charge

Certificate: Absent

Time Needed to Finish: Varies

Networking in Computer Bits and Bytes

courses online, However, the Google networking course for beginners is a great option for people. Who want to learn the basics of networking as well as brush up on their skills. Over the course of six lectures. So, it covers networking technology and protocols. And also the cloud, use cases, and troubleshooting, including:

  • So, An Overview of Networking
  •  Likewise the Networking Layer
  • So that the Transport Layer and the Application Layer
  • Such as Internet Services
  • Accessing the Internet.
  • The Future of Networking and Troubleshooting

However, one of the greatest free online networking courses on our list. This is a thorough offering.  So, It takes about 33 hours to finish. but since the schedule is flexible, use that extra time as needed. Read more…

Open Source Networking Technologies Overview

• Information on the open-source networking environment

• Disaggregation of networking hardware

• How NOS functions on various networking equipment

• How to make networking chores automatic

• How underlay networks are managed by software-defined network (SDN) controllers

• How to network function virtualization can help to simplify the environments in data centers

• So, Using orchestration tools to create a bridge between networking and apps.

However, Students may choose to purchase a shareable completion certificate. But also they are not required to do so. So, The course is designed to be done over 14 weeks for three to four hours each week. Read more…

Computer Networking

courses online In Georgia Tech’s free intermediate computer networking course, security, and software are defined.

So, a computer network’s implementation, and design tenets. And also objectives, including the numerous routing algorithms employed in CN.

• Content distribution and also resource management in networking applications. Including traffic shaping and congestion control. Read more…

Connectivity within Google Cloud

The Basics of Google Cloud Platform: Core Infrastructure

• Networking in the Google Cloud: Establishing Networks

• Network management and hybrid connectivity in Google Cloud

A computer networking diploma

The free online networking course has 11 modules, two tests, and more than 50 topics. Following approximately six to ten hours of instruction, there is a final exam. An 80% score is required for certification. If certification is out of your price range but you still need proof that you completed the course. Read more…

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