Former fast bowler, Umar Gul, has called out the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for its pathetic management on appointing Raj Hans, a former First-class cricketer, as the Assistant Coach of Balochistan despite him being the recommended candidate for the role.

The 37-year old expressed his disappointment by taking to Twitter, penning that despite having undergone the recruitment process and receiving assurance from Grant Bradburn, Head of High-Performance Coaching at National Cricket Academy (NCA) Lahore, of being recommended for the role, the PCB has silently appointed Raj Hans as the Assistant Coach of Baluchistan.

He said that he waited for almost a week to receive the appointment letter from the PCB and canceled all of his other commitments only to join Balochistan’s cricket team. However, he received no response from the PCB regarding his appointment, and earlier today he was informed about the appointment of Raj Hans.