Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, on Monday, permitted a new campus of Punjab University in Daska, considered one of 4 tehsils of Sialkot.

According to reviews, it'll incur a total cost of Rs. 1.Five billion at the national exchequer and will be the 6th campus of Punjab University.

Opposite five campuses

Old Campus at Mall Road, Allama Iqbal Campus (Oriental College), Quaid-e-Azam Campus (New Campus) at Lahore Canal, and a summer campus at Khanaspur in Ayubia are the opposite five campuses of Punjab University.

Punjab University consists of 19 colleges, 10 constituent faculties, and 137 departments, facilities, and institutes. More than 650 schools are affiliated with Punjab University as properly.

Punjab University employs over 900 complete-time and three hundred component-time faculty individuals. There are round 50,000 students enrolled in different applications at all campuses of the university.

Oldest public college

Punjab University is the oldest public college in the United States. It becomes mounted by means of the British Government in October 1882. Back then, it became the fourth university to be installed by means of the British Government.