(Akmal Soomro) The choice to give transitory admission to designing colleges, without end-product to A level and moderate understudies will likewise permit understudies to show up in the passageway test

As per the rules, it has been chosen to permit A level understudies to sit for the passage test for an affirmation in designing foundations while moderate understudies will likewise profit with this-arrangement. Moderate and A level understudies anticipating assessment brings about colleges. Brief confirmations will be accessible, designing colleges will be needed to give temporary affirmation

More information : good news for PhD understudies, HEC has given extraordinary consent

The Pakistan Engineering Council and the Higher Education Commission have concurred on a transitory affirmation’s strategy. Affirmation of confirmations for intermediate  and A level understudies will be on the declaration of the eventual outcomes. Given It might be reviewed that the Higher Education Commission has permitted Minhaj University to lead PhD in 8 subjects, PhD in International Relations, Mathematics, Economics, Political Science and Urdu while Library and Information Science, Islamic Studies and Education. I'm likewise permitted to - seek after PhD degrees. Professional Vice Chancellor Dr. Shahid Sarvia says that the essential necessity of three PhD educators in each subject is satisfied, we will follow the HEC strategy for confirmations in PhD. Minhaj University will - offer PhD in the over 8 subjects this year. Subtleties have been delivered on the college's sit.